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You might be wondering what Tierra Canela means and, why Spanish? 

My roots are descended from the heart of Mexico. It's a beautiful land of food, culture, vibrancy, and history! And, I decided to create something that is a reflection of the magical totality of my being. This is a labor of love that I am here to share with you all <3


The word "Tierra" is very significant to me as it means Earth. I am a child of the adobe. I was molded from the rich clay, deep inside the mother womb. As a deep love for the earth from which I sprang, I consider myself to be an environmentalist. I actively look for ways to maximize my human experience while consuming less of our planets precious resources. 


My culture is deeply entwined in the zesty world of flavor. "Canela," or cinnamon, is a staple spice in many of our culinary dishes. And, bunuelos and churros are only the beginning. Step inside any Mexican kitchen, and you will be bombarded with a blend of aromas and flavors that are sure to take your tastebuds on a euphoric journey! The kitchen is our connection to the soul of the universe. It gives us life, and we respond with joyous gratitude!


The Earth and her beautiful flavors provide for us all. I am here to bring forth the magic of my ancestors, and shine their dazzling brilliance all over the world around us. This journey will be full of magic, beauty, and flavor! 

P.S. Head over to the "Translation Page" for clarity on some of the Spanish words that I have infused into this blog. This blog is a celebration of the human condition, and I welcome YOU to enjoy it's richness <3


Amor y Canela

Monica Alvarez

Curator of Inspiration