Celebrating Life

The more you celebrate your life, the more there is in life to celebrate. -Oprah Winfrey

Love and Light:

My birthday is right around the corner. And, it’s a date that is emotionally taxing for me. This is because my birthday is another trip around the sun, that reminds me of the things that I have yet to accomplish. My inner dialogue usually consists of me "should-ing" all over myself. "You should've become this by now," etc. And, my birthday lands very close to the date that my beloved grandmother departed this world. It's a time of self-judgment, and heart-wrenching nostalgia. I’m pretty sure that you can begin to understand why this time of year is so tough for me.

However, I’ve learned to anticipate my emotional state. I know EXACTLY how I will feel during this time of year. And because of this, I find creative ways to elevate my vibration. Rather than wallowing in my pain and loneliness, I choose to celebrate myself. My definition of a celebration is an activity that connects internal joy with external experience. 

Every year, on my birthday, I celebrate! I invite those that mean the most to me to take part in high-vibe experiences that truly light me up. The key things that bring joy to my life are: food, art, nature, music, people, and books. And, I incorporate these things to my celebrations. As a result, I’ve gone to the aquarium, wineries, breweries, clubs/dancing, concerts, travels, dining, Disneyland...and, the list goes on and on. You can see how my likes correlate to my activities of choice. My heart feels full every time I reflect on my beautiful collection of joy sparking memories.

Celebrating is a yearly birthday tradition that I plan on expanding to the entire year. I will plan a celebration every time I am feeling down. It's great to honor our emotions, but there comes a time when we have to let go and move on. I am no longer going to participate in merely treating myself, I'm going to celebrate myself! 


Celebrating my Grandmother: My grandmother, passed away 8 years ago, and she would have been 91 this year. And, just recently, a friend posted a beautiful birthday tribute to his own 91 year-old grandmother. Rather than feeling the bitterness of not being able to have that experience with my beloved grandmother, I opened my heart and sent love their way for their blessing. This made me feel connected to life, and not separate from it. I was able to celebrate my grandmother by celebrating my friends grandmother, and my heart flooded with joy and love!

Your Turn:

Bring the darkness into the light, and it's dreary spell will be broken. Thus, connecting you back to love. And, that loving connection to something greater than yourself is the thing your human heart desires the most. My simple suggestion is to celebrate the love and light in your life. 

When you’re faced with intense negative emotions, surround yourself by those you love the most. Negative emotions are dispersed by dowsing them in love. Celebrate yourself, and douse yourself in loving light. And, do it often. You don’t need to wait 365 days for another birthday. Every day can be a celebration if joyfully acknowledge whatever feels right in your world. 

Celebrate other people, especially when they have an experience that you'd love in your own life. This will connect you to that experience, and likely attract these things or feelings into your own life.


1. What specific things bring you joy?

2. What feels joyful to you? 

3. Which activities can you participate in (that match with the things that bring you joy)?

4. Which people in your life bring you joy, and raise your vibration?

Finally, connect the things, feeling, places, and people (that are applicable to you)...and, you have yourself a celebration waiting to happen!!! Hooray! 

Choose to surround yourself in joy, and throw it around like it's confetti! And remember to celebrate...always! 

Amor y Canela, 


*I dedicate this blog post to my beloved grandmother, Mamalinda. May you dance amongst the stars, and may you live forever in the loving grace of the universe. I miss you, and I love you.