Smoke And Mirrors

Is there such thing as a true reality? Or, is reality a subjective perspective?

A World of Illusions: 

I was recently at the Museum of Latin American Art (MoLAA), when I came across this interesting piece:


The piece is made of cutout heads affixed onto thin wooden planks. All of the heads are on the same horizontal plane. The thing that stood out for me is that although the heads are on the same level, the light reflection shows some heads are higher than the others on the wall. This is what I believe is the true nature of hierarchy.

Hierarchy is a perceptual illusion. Our beliefs shine down on people, things, and ideas and create an interpretation based on the information that is presented to us, leading us to believe that some of us are higher than others. Or, that some of us have more intrinsic worth than others. However, I don't think that hierarchy is a vertical ladder. We all hold the same essential inner worth.

I believe that hierarchy is a horizontal expansion of consciousness. We are not higher, but rather, we are wider in perception. Is my idea on hierarchy a truth? Or, is it an interpretation of an observation of my world?

This led me to wonder if there was such a thing as an absolute truth, or is it all interpretation and perspective? Knowledge and consciousness are constantly expanding. The universe itself is constantly expanding. Who is to say that mastery of anything is the upmost level of mastery?

I think that subjects such as science, mathematics, and spirituality are great interpretive inventions of the human mind, created to make sense of our mysterious world. These topics are important. They are "truths" that we have uncovered up to this point in consciousness. But, even these fundamental ideas are constantly evolving as our perception of the world widens and expands. 

My point here is that we need to create a society where we are perpetual students of life. Lets celebrate milestones, but let us not stop there. Most of us think that once we become adults, we have arrived at THE point of self-actualization. But, this life is a journey, not a destination. And, knowledge isn't linear, it is a tightly wound ball of yarn. And, as we slowly uncover the veil of the unknown, there will always be more and more lessons to be learned. We can always go deeper and deeper, uncovering the profound mysteries of existence.

Your Turn:

Our collective fundamental "truth's" are more like guideposts that align us to the great center of our collective existence. With more knowledge comes more accuracy, or closer alignment. And, these observations may or may not reflect your own life.

While the truths I spoke of above may or may not be fully accurate, they still have a purpose...they serve as a compass. Use your intuition to show you if a truth resonates with you (or, if it does not). While Socrates once said, "The unexamined life is not worth living," I'd like to flip that and say that the examined life is worth living. 

Your assignment here is to examine the truths in your life and see if they resonate with you. Use your intuition to guide you. The stories in history books, and in news papers are based on the opinion of those specific observers. So, who is to say that the story presented is the absolute truth? And, more importantly, is it your truth? 

Keep in mind that your truth might not be true for someone else. 

Vagueness is inclusive, while specificity is not. In vagueness, we can each derive observations about our own life experiences. There is room to play and maneuver with interpretive context. 

So, collect your own set of truths, and use them to flavor your life's journey! The piece of art above may or may not have been intended to be about hierarchy, but that is the story I observed. That is the meaning I was meant to collect! And, my lesson was profound! 

Amor y Canela,