Why I Returned to Writing

No matter what anybody tells you, words and ideas can change the world. John Keating

The Journey Back:

It has been almost two years since my last entry. Why did I stop writing? I stopped writing because I did not feel inspired by my words. And, instead of solving the problem, I ran from it.

I finally found the courage to face myself, and review my writing. I discovered that I was trying too hard with my flowery phrases. I wanted my words to transcend the “black-and-white text box,” and got lost in my emotions. But, now see the path. And, now know what I need to do.

I have done a lot of personal development work during my time away. And, ironically, my work brought me back to this exact blog. No joke! Everything that I have laid out as a foundation in this design is EXACTLY what my soul craves. I want to have meaningful conversations with you. And, the first conversation is about a woman’s right to express:

Society has not been very supportive of a woman’s right to self-express, particularly women of color. We’re often told that were “crazy,” or “PMS’ing” when we try to explain our hardships in a male-dominated world. So we stumble and we fall when we try to tell our stories. We want the world to feel again, because this world of numbed-out emotions is what’s killing the ground beneath our feet. There is a gravity to our mission. And, we need our words to mean something.

Words have come through for me when I was too frightened to reveal my truth. I often thought that if I shared my pain with others, I’d end up alone. Humans tend to run from pain, and run towards pleasure. That’s how we have survived up until this point. But, we dominate this world. So, it’s time to evolve. I embrace my pain so that I can experience the pleasure that life has to offer. Doesn’t that just sound like a breath of fresh air?

So, I take a deep breath, and I continue to write- because mainstream stories have yet to give me or my people the respect we deserve. But, how can anyone respect someone they don’t know? So, I came back to tell a story from a perspective that isn’t usually heard. My story. Your story. Our story. The story of life.

Why My Story Matters:

I am a Mexican-American woman. And, history books don’t tell my story. I’m barley a supporting character in the tale of conquest and colonization of the Americas. Yet, my story matters. Perspective is key, and when we only have one side of the story, we are bound to repeat the same mistakes.

My ancestors are part colonizers and part indigenous. Both hero and villain, I am neither here nor there. What does this mean? Who am I? Who are we? These are just some of the stories and ideas that I hope to uncover in this journey. And, it won’t be just the heavy stuff. We will experience the whole spectrum of life: culture, food, travel, emotions, transcendence, family, and more!

It is my wish to keep coming back every week with a new entry. And, if I fall off again, I will be kind to myself. But, I will continue to come back. Because, if I don’t tell my story, who will?

Amor y Canela