Procrastination 101

Procrastination is like a credit card: it's a lot of fun until you get the bill. -Christopher Parker

My confession:

I’d like to confess that I procrastinate often, especially in moments when I have the least amount of willpower. My mind thinks it needs to be doing something, but does not have the willpower to tackle anything challenging. So, it starts to tackle all sorts of easy things: Facebook, Instagram, Netflix, name it. My mind is unbelievably productive, in all the “wrong” things. Aka, all the things that add little to no value to my life.

But, I’m not separate from my mind, I am my mind. So, I end up feeling bad about myself. At this point, I could choose to stay feeling bad about myself, or I could find better solutions.

I start by taking responsibility for my actions. I am unable to tackle a gargantuan sized task, but I could start on smaller tasks that involve smaller mental stretches outside of my comfort zone.

Life example: 

I set out to do 1 mile per day, and was crushing it for the first 50-ish days. but then life happened, and now I’m 35 days (or, 35 miles behind). That seems like a freaking monster to me! So, I’m naturally intimidated by it. Procrastination is often my go-to choice when I fall behind in any task. So, I take a deep breath, and I choose again. And, with that breath, I’ve created a newfound space where I can brainstorm high-vibe solutions.

Realistically, I cannot do 35 miles in a day. But, I could do 2. That’s a tiny stretch that in 17.5 days, I could catch up! And, when I feel myself growing bolder, I could do 3 miles per day cutting it down to ~12 days (etc, etc).

But, this framework may not work for you.

Another way of looking at this is in terms of the time needed to complete a task. For example, I am better able to make up my slack by committing to a specific time frame on the treadmill. In other words, I am better able to conceptualize time vs miles. So, 1 hour vs 3 miles is much clearer for me.

And, this is important because when you aren’t clear on how much effort a task is going to take, it could drain your willpower faster, leading you to quit.

Try what works best for you, start where you are, and look at what you are willing to commit to at this moment. Remember, your goal should be connected to your personal growth.  

Tips to end procrastination:

NOTE- Most of these suggestions invoke your senses in a way that awakens your creative power!

  • Make it fun- listen to music

  • Work outside of home- library or coffee shop

  • Have an accountability buddy

  • Use inspiring oils or scents- citrus is my favorite!

  • Get present

  • Forgive yourself

  • Create goals that stretch you (start small)

    • Make sure that these goals are reachable, specific, and easy to understand

Keep the list going: What are some things you do to end procrastination?

Closing thoughts:

Remember to be easy on yourself when you’ve been on a procrastination streak, because guilt will only work to keep you stuck. Interestingly enough, guilt is actually a signal that you need to work on forgiving yourself.

Why self-forgiveness? Because, the world needs you to spread your wings and become that dazzling butterfly you cary within! The greatest gift you could give to the world is to share your story and create something truly wonderful with it!

Amor y Canela