Why You Are Afraid of Your Power

Our deepest fear is not that we are inadequate. Our deepest fear is that we are powerful beyond measure- Marianne Williamson 

Our deepest fear: 

We aren’t afraid of our failure. How many times have we failed, either through action or inaction, and kept going? Yea, it sucks, and it might even sting a little. But, we weren’t afraid of sucking. Sucking is easy. Anyone can suck! We are afraid of being strong.


To put this into perspective, think of a sprouting seed. It has so much potential for growth and expansion. But, it needs a lot of support in the form of sunlight, water, and fertile soil. Similarly, when we begin to step out, our strength isn’t unwavering. Our strength is wavering AF. And, it is at that point that we need a physical and spiritual support system to continue the difficult path of growth. 

Can you think of a time when you’ve worn a stunning outfit, or given an amazing speech, only to be greeted by something along the line of, “now you think you’re all bad?!” You showed the world a glimmer of your potential, only to be pushed deep into a cloud of self-doubt. 

So, the next time you experience people bringing you down, distance yourself from them, and send them love and blessings. Trust me, they need it! Then surround yourself with people who will lift you up. You will recognize who these people are because they will show you respect and love while giving you helpful doses of constructive-criticism.

NOTE: It is important to be aware of the difference between heart centered people vs ego/head centered people. The ego/head centered people like to blame the world for their misery. They tend to cut people from growing so that they don’t have to rise up to meet their own potential. As you can see, these people live their lives in victim mode. Because, it’s easy to suck, it’s much harder to self-actualize. But, self-actualization is much more fulfilling.

The bottom line is that you are afraid of your power because you do not have the support you need in order to authentically access it. And, like a plant, it needs support and growth before you can harvest it.

How to find support during periods of growth: 

There are many things you can do to get yourself grounded both internally and externally. These techniques are generally thought of as self-care or spiritual practice. And, their purpose is to get you feeling neutral or fantastic, because it is these levels where you will hear your intuition speak to you. And, your intuition will always lead you to a place of strength and growth.

Internal Support:

  • Meditation

  • Baths

  • Massages

  • Rest

  • Healthy food/hydration

  • Exercise

External Support:

  • Therapy

  • Specialized coach (career, life, nutrition, etc)

  • Support groups or soul sisters

  • Do research

  • Ask trusted friends for helpful communities and resources

*This list is only a sampling. There are many more forms of support out there.

I have a circle of women that I can text when I am feeling triggered. They are very supportive, non-judgmental, and they offer me suggestions for moving through challenges. They metaphorically “sit” with me while I do my internal processing. What kind of support do you need?

Do what you need to feel good about yourself, because the world needs you to bring your unwavering love into existence. In short, Your true purpose in life is to become more of yourself, because the world needs more of you, not less.  And, this becomes an actual possibility when you have the right kinds of support in your life.

Amor y canela