The Broken Piñata

Brokenness is not something to fear. Brokenness peels away layers that are no longer serving you.

This is the story of my unraveling...

My mother used to tell me that if I worked hard, my dreams would come true. Being the over achiever that I was, I ended up working myself into a physical and emotional burnout. I won't dwell on the details, but I will tell you that it wasn't very enjoyable at the start. I ended up unable to work in order to focus on my health. Suddenly, it was as if the flavor and zest was sucked out of my life, and I was left trying to make sense of all the new changes in my new world.

I felt like a broken pinata, and the confetti (the heart of my soul), spread all around me in a swirling display of chaos and beauty. There lied colors and textures that I never knew lived inside of me. And, this frightened me. I felt vulnerable and exposed, but my unraveling opened me up to a world of greater possibilities.

Up until that point, I had been unable to find success. And, just as a batch of champurrado overflows in response to rising heat, so did I. After my unraveling, I realized that I was hiding this amazing tapestry of magic, deep within my soul. My next task was to pick up the pieces, and create a new version of myself; one that would proudly display my newfound value to the world around me. 

That is where I am today. I am venturing and experiencing, and introducing this "new me" to those with whom I cross paths. My mission, on this Tierra Canela, is to serve others. I'd like to use my experiences of unraveling and growth to inspire others to go in search of their own magic. Because, that is where they'll find their true source of strength and power. 

This journey is a catalyst for growth as we venture along the great expanse of the unknown. My greatest wish is that my words offer you healing and love. We will laugh, cry, and find wonderful adventures along the way.

Open your heart to beautiful flavors and aromas of our world and you'll see that this life is designed to be experienced. I am joyously here to show you the way. 

Amor y Canela,