How to See Magic

The world is full of magic and miracles. If you look closely enough, you'll experience them every single day of your life. 

Introduction to Magic:

Magic comes in many shapes and forms. It can be as immense as the great Aztec pyramids, or as small as a dewey spiderweb on a guava tree. If you are only open to big gestures of awe and intrigue, you might end up hugely disappointed. If, however, you are open to magic in all it's forms, you are likely to be richly rewarded. Perspective is key!

Miracles and magic go hand in hand, as magic is the catalyst for all miracles.  

A Magical Experience:

One day, my mother was cutting a watermelon, when it suddenly fell to the ground, splitting in half. She initially grew distressed, as she saw the resulting disarray as more of a curse. But, I invited her to widen her perspective, as I reminded her that it was likely a miracle!

In that moment, my mother realized that I was right! Her hands had been aching from a long days work, and this "accident," turned out to be a helpful blessing! Gravity parted the watermelon for her!

A miracle does not have to be as grand as winning the lottery. My mother wanted the watermelon cut, and gravity did the work for her! Her thought became reality. And, that is both magical and miraculous in my book! 

Your Turn:

How has magic shown up in your life? Is there an event in your life that initially seemed like a curse, that you can now see as a blessing?

If you believe your life to be devoid of miracles and magic, you may have to zoom in to examine smaller details of your life. A smile from a stranger, an exciting job offer, an unexpected travel opportunity- these are all loving gestures from the universe. 

Make sure to be on the lookout for magic and miracles, as they are likely sprinkled throughout the canvas of your life. 

The Steps:

1. Expect to see magic (intention)

2. Note magical experiences (journal)

3. Thank God/The Universe for your experiences (gratitude)

In the magical experience above, I expected to see magic, allowing me to view the "watermelon accident" as a miracle. So, start by setting the intention to witness magic wherever you go. Make sure to keep a journal to note your magical occurrences. You might be tempted to make a mental note, but the process works much better with pen and paper. And, finally, express gratitude to let God/The Universe know that you are thankful for your experience. In the example above, my mother was grateful that her thought became reality- this "miracle" was a sign that The Universe was offering it's loving support. And, who doesn't want more of that?! Remember, what you focus on expands! 

Follow these steps, and you'll experience more joyous magic throughout your life's journey!

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