Lesson From A Sinsonte

Emotions are as diverse as the flavors in your kitchen pantry. Some emotions will fill the heart with love, while others will extend it's boundaries.

Ruffled Feathers:

Unexpected teachers tend to show up at the right moment to teach important life lessons One year, a sinsonte (mockingbird), came into my life to teach me how to deal with a lifetime of trapped anger.

If you don't know mockingbirds, they sing at night, and switch to a different tune every 10-15 seconds. It's beyond difficult to drift into a rhythmic sleep when the bird’s tune isn't very rhythmic. Needless to say, I was not very happy with the bird at the start of our relationship.

During this time, I was also dealing with a severe insomnia. And, insomnia is tough! The brain thinks, "I am not safe. Therefore, I will remain awake and on high alert!" And the body thinks,  "I am exhausted. Therefore, I need rest to keep us safe!" The Mind and Body are in a state of conflict.  

I was experiencing a range of: frustration, anger, guilt, rage, sadness, and overwhelm.

A part of me wished that I could get rid of that bird, in order to drift into blissful sleep. But, it wasn't the birds fault that I was dealing with overwhelm. My feelings were actually a result of my unrealistic expectations in life (my reality did not match my ideal reality). In other words, my "problems" were rooted in me.  

It took a lot of love and patience, but I finally learned how to co-exist with the bird. The bird was going to sing, what was I going to do? How was I going to react? Once I accepted that the bird was a semi-permanent resident of my back yard, I adjusted my behavior, so that we could coexist in harmony. 

The universal lesson here was that I could not change the environment around me, but I could change myself. The only place I had power was in my reaction to the circumstances. And, the more I accepted reality, the more I found creative solutions that offered me healing. 

I learned that it was ok to feel angry, but what I did with that anger was a different story. So, I chose to raise to a higher vibrational energy, and this allowed me to return to a loving state. I either fell sleep before the bird began it's song, or I used ear plugs. These were simple solutions that allowed me to be a human, and the mockingbird to be a bird. 

Now, I look at the mockingbird and smile, as I am reminded of the great lesson it taught me.

Your Turn:

I invite you to use this technique with people in your life who cause you distress. Once you note and accept the persons behavior, what could you do to return to a more loving state? Try using communication, setting boundaries, adjusting your behavior, etc. There are many choices in a situation like this, and choice is power. Connect your choices to love, and your inner wisdom will guide you in the right direction.

Amor y Canela