Tierra y Miel

The Earth provides a platform for our entire existence. What would we become without it?

Land of Honey

I sometimes wonder if our solar system was once fruitful throughout. Then, an ancient civilization went planet hopping, leaving behind the dusty remains of barren land. Until, they became trapped on the last remaining green and blue rock, in the heart of the cosmos. This is all fantasy thinking, of course. But, my real question is: where will we go next after we've consumed all of the Earth's precious resources?

Some people say, "look to the stars." But, the planets around us are inhospitable to human life. We have no where else to go. And, even if we did create a colony on a nearby planet, where would we draw inspiration across a desolate and lonely landscape? What would become humankind's purpose on a distant and oxygen-less land?  There are no waterfalls, no honey bees, or magnificent jaguars on any other planet in the known solar system. These things are a part of us, and we are a part of them. 

The Earth provides a dazzling platform for human creativity. The ancient Olmec statues, the Great Pyramids of Giza, the Mona Lisa, vaccines... all of human's most masterful creations are comprised of resources that exist on our planet. What would we become without the Earth? 

Why not work to improve what we have?

Let's give gratitude and protect the crumbling earth beneath our feet. Let's fortify our foundation so that the life giving mesquite trees can rise again. The Earth hasn't abandoned us. We have abandoned it. All we need to do is to look inward, and return home. Together with nature, the human race can soar to unimaginable levels of consciousness, along with innovation and magic.

Your Turn:

Here are a few things you can do to save our planet:

  • Recycle
  • Compost
  • Cut back on meat
  • Buy a water purifier
  • Purchase fair trade products
  • Buy animal friendly clothing
  • Use drought resistant landscaping 
  • Turn off unneeded lights & appliances
  • Join an environmental awareness group
  • Grow fruits and vegetables at home
  • Stray away from single-use plastic goods
  • Invest in energy efficient products (LED lights, shower heads) 
  • Watch educational documentaries (Netflix) 
  • Buy locally sourced food (check labels, Farmers Markets)
  • Plant flowers and trees that attract pollinators 
  • Public Transportation/Carpool/Bike Riding
  • Buy clothes that is: hardy, easy to mix/match, and repeatable
  • Invest in renewable energy for the home & office (solar energy panels, electric cars)  
  • Vote with your dollars and with your ballot

Some of these solutions are more costly than others, and every little step forward helps! 

A bright future is still possible for us. We simply have to choose it.

Amor y Canela