The Rusty Trumpet Player

In a world full of auto tune, I'd rather listen to rusty.

Rust and Squiggles: 

I was recently at a get together that featured live music. After the performance, my sister and I went around telling the musicians how incredible they all were. The trumpet player thanked us for our compliments, and mentioned that he was, "a little bit rusty." I responded, "in a world full of auto tune, I'd rather listen to rusty." The trumpet player was moved by my response. I saw him for his humanness and he was touched. 

This world has become over saturated with fake news, photoshop, and auto-response email messages. Our relationships and friendships are created via robotic interface (aka your computer/cellphone). Everything seems to be GMO and artificially flavored. Our world is increasingly becoming more and more unauthentic.

We strive for perfection, but perfection is uninteresting. We strive for safety, but safety lacks the challenges required for soul growth. Both perfectionism and constant safety lack the small variations that make life truly enjoyable. And, the best way to find authenticity in this world, is to look for small errors, or what I like to call "the squiggles."

I personally love the squiggles. I love the tiny bits of variation that fall just outside of the zone of perfection. I love it when a singer is so full of life and emotion that his or her voice cracks a little. Or, when I observe a painting and notice random brushstrokes that are drawn out a tiny bit further than they should have been. That's real. Thats truly living. 

Life is about constantly expanding our borders, and I believe that the squiggles serve an important purpose. They deliver us to unknown emotions, places, experiences, notes, etc. They fill the gap that connect us to the unknown. And, the unknown is the place where the true magic happens. 

Your Turn: 

Authenticity is about accepting the tiny variations. Your dots shouldn't always be in a straight line, sometimes they will curve and create beautiful patterns.

I'd like to take a moment to point out that there is a fine line between authenticity and integrity. You don't want your dots so out of line that you loose sight of your message. What I'm talking about here, are the tiny errors that remind others of your humanness. 

So, to recap, the squiggles ...they:

1. Extend your boundaries and take you out further into the unknown

2. Show the authenticity of a human creation

3. Demonstrate genuine human connection

Now that you know this, how can you embrace and actually savor the tiny mistakes (or variations), in your life? How can you make "the squiggles" a way of life? 

Remember, life is meant to be enjoyed. And, this includes stepping into, and truly owning your humanness. 

Amor y Canela,