Boys and Toys

What is happiness? And, how do we get there? 

Playground Chronicles:

I recently observed two small boys playing together. Each boy had his own toy. When, all of a sudden, the larger boy decided that he wanted to have both toys. He cried and cried, until he got his way. Meanwhile, the smaller boy, happily gave up his toy and found a new toy to play with.

Both boys participated in the same experience, each with differing perceptions. One boy felt the pain and suffering of "not having it all," while the other remained detached, in a constant state of happiness. More specifically, one boy tied his happiness to having happiness, while the other tied his happiness to experiencing happiness

This is what we tend to in life. We tend to connect our happiness to having ownership of things. In reality, the only thing we own is our experience. When we give up our attachment to specific outcomes, life will guide us in mysterious and magical ways, towards the experiential life that we truly desire. Perception is key!

Our happiness does not exist within a toy, or a job, or a house, or a car. This lesson involved children, but "toys" can represent any material object that is not required for your survival. This could be a car, a phone, a computer, etc. While those objects are useful, they are not necessarily going to make your life happier. What will make you happier, is your experience of life itself.

So, what is happiness? Happiness is the pure enjoyment of the present moment. It is a state of being. You cannot get to happiness, like you get to a destination. You are actually already there. You simply have to choose happiness in order to activate it. 

Seems too good to be true, right? Actually, life is simple. Read on for the simple steps that will lead you to the life of happiness that you truly desire. 

Your Turn:

Follow these steps, and you will become happy in no time! 

Step 1: Become present

Step 2: Choose to be happy

Step 3a: Follow the experience

Step 3b: Detach from the outcome

NOTE: Resistance will likely emerge at one point or another. And, you cannot experience true happiness when you are in a state of resistance. Do not let doubt block your way. When you choose happiness, the universe will reveal the path forward. Open your heart and listen, you will be guided.

So, I ask: Do you want to be happy? - "yes," "no," and "maybe" are your choices. And, "yes" gives the best results! Choose wisely! 

Amor y Canela,