Lesson From a Sinsonte- Part 2

If you set the right boundaries and effectively fight for your dreams, you will likely end up victorious.

Birds of A Feather:

As I mentioned in a previous blog post, sinsontes, or mockingbirds, regularly frequent my backyard. This year, a pair of mockingbirds screeched at me every time I stepped into a specific section of my yard. I discovered that the birds decided to nest in a lemon tree at the far end of my yard. And, that their chick had fallen out of it's nest. The pair's "aggressive behavior" turned out to be basic parenting (in the animal world). 

I must admit that I had my doubts about the chicks survival on the ground. There are many predatory animals that frequent my yard: raccoons, opossums, cats, hawks, etc. Despite all of these obstacles, the parents continued to care and protect their chick. And, raising a chick is not easy work! It takes a mockingbird chick about 12 days to go from nestling to juvenile. And, without the gift of flight, they are extremely vulnerable to predation.

A week passed and the chick was still thriving on the ground below! I could not believe it! The parents were on high alert, defending, and feeding their chick throughout the day. The situation went from seemingly impossible to possible.

I ended up going away for several days, and I prayed for the chick's survival. When I returned from my trip, I was beyond excited to see the young bird take it's first flight. The parents could have easily given up on the chick. Why waste so much energy on something that is extremely risky? The chick was vulnerable, and on the ground for well over a week! But, the birds never gave up, and their chick grew up, and learned to fly!  

This situation reminded me of what us humans tend to do with our dreams. We tend to drop our dreams at the first sign of trouble. It's too hard, I can't, there's no way I'll ever get it...the list goes on. 

Limiting beliefs are effective dream killers. And, just like possums and cats, these thoughts "prey" on those who lack conviction. This is not a form of punishment. It's actually a way for the universe to help us build our belief muscles, so that we are able to carry the weight of our dreams (as soon as we're open and ready to receive them).  

Think of the people who suddenly win the lottery. They typically end up depressed and broke. And, this is after they won millions of dollars! How many of us say, "when I make a million dollars, I'll be able to do _____!?" These prize winners were simply not ready to carry the weight of their dreams.

We will be ready to make our dreams a reality when we are courageous enough to protect our dreams from many forms of doubt that arrise. This is the great lesson I learned from my feathered friends.  

Your Turn:

Think of a soul-aligned dream, and do everything in your power to protect and nourish it. It is as simple as that! Make sure to give your dreams the fuel and protection they need, until they are strong enough to take flight! 

Amor y Canela